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HTBOX always cares about local and international standards to present best quality robust stable convicting products.

We offer you the most innovative and widest product range of Turkey's servers. We can support all your projects with our products that are specially configured for all your server needs.

Who We Are?

HTBOX; It is a registered trademark of YIGIT TECHNOLOGY, which can offer solutions with Turkey's most competent and widest product family, especially in barebone-based server products. YIGIT TECHNOLOGY, which has managed the activities of the world's leading global manufacturers in Turkey for many years and has played a unique role in the success of these brands, brings its solutions together with its valuable business partners and partners under the Htbox brand. htbox; It is a user-friendly brand that knows the needs of its users, can work smoothly in the application, and can simultaneously deploy a solution alternative in case of potential problems.

Sales Services

Your demands or needs are the beginning of our journey. Our sales team provides the most suitable solution for you; offers the most suitable solutions that provide price, performance and continuity.

Project Planning Services

By determining your needs together, the most suitable architecture is prepared by our project experts. Not only server products, but also network systems, system room equipment and many connected systems that these devices communicate with, all scenarios are offered on a turnkey basis.

Special Solutions for You

You can adopt our solutions as your own brand. We are here to provide you the most suitable features with the most advantageous conditions. These flexible solutions exist only for you and are specially designed for you.

Technical Support and Services

Since our field of activity is industrial systems, providing uninterrupted support is our top priority, as well as providing uninterrupted products. It is designed to take precautions against possible problems during the sale. The technical team will always be by your side.

Our quality policy

Our Quality Policy is the kitchen of our work. Sales; It is a long process that includes many elements from the receipt of the request to its delivery. It is one of our priorities and sensitivities to please you at every step of this process.

Online Support

The systems we offer are systems that need to work uninterruptedly and smoothly. As we provide on-site support services, we provide services to you with our remote support applications to ensure continuity and not to waste time.

Innovative Trend products of HTBOX.

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